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real estate mortgage lenders of Italy


NPLREPOINT is the platform that contains most of Italy’s real estate mortgage loans by uniting the portfolios of the largest institutions that handle NPLs, it is divided by provinces, which number 107.

To whom is it addressed?

NPLREPOINT exclusively targets real estate agencies and asset managers who wish to shift their clients’ focus away from previous industry trends, such as real estate funds or overcrowded auctions and other types of investments exposed to high risks or unknowns, and instead make safe, guaranteed investments with capital gains far above any type of investment on the market today. We are the first and only in Italy to offer such an opportunity!!!

The platform represents a new approach for investors, offering unique opportunities in the real estate NPL market and enabling them to take advantage of the established experience and expertise of leading financial institutions in the sector.

NPLREPOINT stands out for its comprehensive coverage of Italy, which includes a total of 107 provinces.



Joining means the opportunity to have a return of important KPIs, such as:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Increased visibility throughout the territory
  • Market expansion
  • ROI

Associate now, become a leader in the NPL market by proposing unique opportunities to your investors.

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